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Pacific Northwest AAU provides membership services for over 35 sports at both the local and national level. Once a membership is purchased, it will apply coverage for any AAU sport. An AAU membership provides secondary insurance for individuals at any AAU sanctioned practice or event. Memberships run from September 1st through August 31st of the following year. Parents should be aware that all AAU coaches MUST pass a national background check as part of their membership requirements. Signing up for an AAU membership is easy! Click here to sign up for your AAU membership.

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Coaches MUST obtain a current AAU membership in order to hold practice or participate in any AAU event. This includes both the local and national level. As a benefit to being an AAU coach, Pacific Northwest AAU will also provide you with practice insurance for most facilities in the region. Click here to find out more. As a part of your AAU membership coaches are required to pass a national background check through Verified Volunteers. All coaches are also required to view and complete the concussion protocol forms and training videos listed below under The Lysted Law section on this website.

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How to Start a Club or Team

Anyone interested in starting their own club or team can do so. The AAU can help with this! Pacific Northwest AAU will provide insurance for practice and covers most venues in Western Washington. AAU club status will also allow you to participate in any local or national AAU event. Requirements include:

-AAU membership by club director, all players and by all coaches

-Submit the yearly club fee

-Complete the forms and trainings for “The Lystedt Law concussion protocol

-Team tryouts can be posted on our local events page. Click here to submit

-Apply for club status through the national AAU website which can be accessed here

Scroll down on Membership page to view options – Click here for information.

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When hosting an event, (tournaments, camps or leagues) event directors must have all current AAU membership requirements in place. You must also apply for event status through the national AAU website and submit the necessary fees. Your event will then need to be sanctioned by Pacific Northwest AAU. Once completed, your event will be approved for insurance at your designated facilities and may be posted on both the local and national websites.

Scroll down on Membership page to view options – Click HOST EVENT for more information.

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The AAU offers unique opportunities for individuals to get involved in their communities through the sports they love. One of the most rewarding ways is to become a sports director. Many sports through Pacific Northwest AAU are open and available for individuals to apply. Simply contact us at and we’ll walk you through the steps

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One Basketball


When coach Mo Sanchez decided to follow his lifelong dream of having his own basketball program, he came up with the idea for the name from "One Family," an ideal he preaches to all of his players.  A local product, Coach Sanchez played his high school ball at Lynnwood, his college ball at Shoreline Community College and then took his game to the professional ranks in Venezuela.  He brings his knowlege of many years on the hardwood to trainings, practices and games in a compassionate yet demanding way, making it his goal to instill life lessons through the game of basketball.  One Basketball LLC is based out of the Lynnwood/Everett area but takes players from all over the North Sound.  They offer trainings and teams for both boys and girls grades 4th-12th.  We are honored to have One Basketball and Coach Sanchez in the AAU family!

Offerings:  Boys & Girls

Grades:  4th-12th

Contact:  Mo Sanchez  



PNAAU Martial Arts


Pacific Northwest AAU would like to introduce you to Mitch Mayberry, owner, and operator of Tiger Kids. Tiger Kids is a martial arts program which teaches both the strategies of Taekwondo and Kung Fu. With headquarters in Edmonds, Tiger Kids services ages 3-18 throughout Snohomish and King Counties. Having over 120 AAU members, Tigers Kids is one of the premier martial arts program run through the AAU in the Pacific Northwest. With 2 trainers who are also AAU certified, Coach Mayberry has built a strong following over the past 29 years since Tiger Kids inception in 1990.

Some of the top names to train under Coach Mayberry include Michael Perry, Michael Cook, as well as Tim Buckles and Uge Hamada who both won multiple AAU martial arts national championships. Other notable alumni are Becky, Mark and Brad Shurmeyer who have all trained under Coach Mayberry’s tutelage with Mark winning Tiger Kids only international championship!.

When asked about Coach Mayberry’s fondest memory, he stated that it wasn’t so much one memory but the honor he had in being named and serving as the National Chairman for Chinese Martial Arts. Being able to travel the country, view multiple events and meet as many fascinating competitors as he did made a lasting impression on him. One he still cherishes to this day.

In addition to providing insurance for all his members and trainers, Coach Mayberry would like to see the AAU help his program by providing scholarships for those who may need financial assistance. He tries to provide Tiger Kids services to all those who seek his knowledge (even accepting individuals with special needs, something not many martial arts programs do) but sometimes this can prove financially difficult. Pacific Northwest AAU will be giving back to some of our members by gifting shoes, apparel, tickets and financial aid to a few select programs in 2019-2020.

We want to thank Coach Mayberry for sitting down and telling us more about the Tiger Kids! Pacific Northwest AAU wishes him all the best for the coming year seeing as how numbers have been declining steadily since the most local school districts ended their flyer programs a few years ago. We would love to see Tiger Kids numbers bounce back! If you would like your AAU member to be a part of the Tiger Kids, just visit Tiger Kids Martial Arts on the web.

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The Lystedt Law

(RCW 4.24.660/chapter 28A.600 RCW, 5083, section 3)


  • To view the AAU Concussion and Head Injury in English for Parents and Athletes please click here
  • To view the AAU Concussion and Head Injury in Spanish for Parents and Athletes please click here.
  • To view the AAU Concussion and Head Injury information for coaches please click here
  • To view the AAU Guide for clubs to request practice and participate in AAU Sanction Events please click here


  • AAU Concussion in Youth Sports – Guide for Coaches, Parents, and Club Contacts
  • Educational Video For Coaches
  • Student/Parent Sudden Cardiac Awareness Pamphlet – Sudden Cardiac Awareness information pamphlet to be given to parents and participants.
  • Here is a link to a free Sudden Cardiac Awareness online course through the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS).  Coaches that complete this course can print a certificate as proof of meeting the coaches training requirement.